Surprise Birthday Brunch

Every once in a while you get blown away. For my birthday we spent time at the lake with my family. While I was surfing, the girls giggled and laughed incessantly while they were commenting on my newly gained skills. They were videoing me.  I really wish that I could have videoed them instead. Over the years they have begun to be such great friends.  Nothing makes me prouder.


Today, my husband surprised me with a delicious birthday brunch and no mess in the kitchen. My sister gave me a thoughtful gift of mustard from Dijon, France from a favorite, Fauchon.


Then when I thought it could get no better, I read my cards.  Tears of joy welled up in my eyes. It just does not get any better than this.


An excerpt… “You are the greatest Mom in the world and I am reminded of that everyday from the small and the large things you do for us all the time. Like when you stay up late with me so that I can get my work done, when you arrange my soccer carpools, when you come to school to bring me something I forgot, … I love you so much and learn from you all the time. I will forever remember you teaching me to cook, speak French, learn math, and how to always be a humble, funny, happy, and caring person.”

I can’t express how proud I felt to read those words from my children.

For those of you who want to try the delicious brunch French Toast I had this morning, just tap on the link.

Version 6

For great topping ideas click on the link.


Happy Labor Day!



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  1. Callie Peters

    Happy birthday to a great mom!