About Me

My name is Shiva and I am an ardent pursuer of elegant living.  Be it the tireless pursuit of the perfect table, recreating a memorable eating experience, or just making life more livable.  I want to feel inspired when I walk into a room.  If I can’t find it, I keep looking.  If it doesn’t exist, I make it.  If I can’t make it, my husband jokes that I have everyone from a welder to a mill work specialist on speed dial.

I grew up in a house where my parents would entertain and host regularly. My Mother would sew, knit, or otherwise create what we needed to live an elegant, gracious life.  My Father would take us to travel the world and broaden our horizons.  As a result, I have always been fortunate to live life without boundaries.  If what I want or love is not obviously within my grasp I have learned creative ways to attain the ‘unattainable’.

I love found objects, creating, or customizing what is available in new and unique ways.  Now the mother of 3 wonderful children, I use my passions to provide the same experience for my family as well as others.  This has provided me the opportunity to make a memorable life for those around me.

I love to share and hopefully inspire others with ideas for décor, organization, entertaining,  gardening, remodeling, as well as solutions to the questions life often presents.  I have found that if you lay a good foundation initially, the rest often falls into place in ways that surpass our original expectations, no matter what the project.

At the strong urging of my wonderful sister who inspired me to write my blog, I am going to try posting daily, Monday through Friday. Here is my topic plan, pending last minute changes.

  • Monday:         Decor
  • Tuesday:        Tuesday’s Top Finds
  • Wednesday:   Fashion Wednesdays
  • Thursday:       Grab Bag: Pro Tips, Organize, DIY
  • Friday:            Foodie Fridays


I hope you will join me on my journey to make a gracious life and hopefully be inspired to capture the essence of the life you desire.