Orange Chocolate Truffle Cake

We made a new cake this week inspired by the gorgeous clementines in the greenhouse. We have since dubbed it the Orange Chocolate Truffle cake because that is essential what it is, a large truffle. We were looking for some good birthday cake ideas and found a beautiful groom cake on pintrest, check it out on my page. First get a 6″ and a 9″ square pan. The dimensions are important so that when they are stacked there is enough of a visible border between the two cakes. Grease the pans with cooking spray, line with parchment paper, and spray again. This ensures a beautiful release.


To make the orange cake we were in a time crunch between Math Counts competition, the Regional Science Fair (which they won!), a skating party, and our own party. (Read: Another crazy Saturday at our house.) So we simplified.

We made the Duncan Hines white cake with 2 teaspoons of Sauers orange extract, and 5 drops of  yellow food coloring and 3 drops of red food coloring. Divide one box of batter between the two pans. Repeat the process making a second pair of cakes.

Do not be tempted to be more generous with the batter and use it all to fill the 9″ pan. I did this the first time and had to slice off quite a bit from the top. The second time when I divided the batter, no trimming was needed.


Cool the cake, then turn out on a wire rack, cool, and peel off paper which should come off easily.

For the chocolate cake we used the devil’s food cake recipe from America’s test kitchen for 3 x 8″ rounds. It was just the right amount for the two square pans above .


Place the cake on a cake board or a foil covered board. To ice the cakes we made the frosting on the Hershey’s special dark cocoa box. Alternate cake layers starting and ending with the orange cake.


Frost the sides with a crumb coat and chill. Place the cake and the board on the wire rack over a foil covered pan.


Place chocolate in a double boiler. We used a mixture of semisweet and bittersweet chips as they melt evenly. Next time I might use bittersweet mixed with some unsweetened as I like the less sweet European cakes.


The chocolate is melted when it becomes shiny. It holds its shape so don’t be misled.


If you stir it you will see that it is melted.


Take double boiler off heat and cool slightly.


Pour over frosted and cooled cake.


Frost the sides completely. It is ok if it drips down the side as the pan will catch it.


Refrigerate. Below you see the before and after.


Repeat with second cake.



After chilled. trim off any extra chocolate and dust the large cake with cocoa. Place cake with the cake liner on the serving dish, and top with second layer which has NOT been dusted with cocoa  powder. Decorate with clementines and serve.


To serve remove the top layer (remember it is on the cake board), place on a separate dish.


Cut the larger cake first.


It was amazing and received rave reviews by all!

For the recipe for the Devil’s Food Cake…


For the icing…





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