Top Finds: The Best Projector

Last Thanksgiving we went to my sisters and watched movies on a projector she had borrowed from her brother in law. Its images filled almost the entire wall. All the kids had a blast. We all came home with the resolve to get one ourselves. No longer did we...


New Years Resolution: Getting Fit

So New Years resolutions have been made and number one on my list this year is the usual suspect, to get in better shape. I suspect you may have a similar resolution. As long as we are going to be exercising, why not look great doing it. Below are some...


Top Finds: The Right Throw for Movie Night

Movie night is a favorite at our house. There is the anticipation of kicking back, relaxing, and enjoying the presence of those around you in complete comfort.  After the excitement of selecting the perfect movie, picking out just the right candy, popping corn, and claiming your seat, comes the...