Top Finds: Golden Glasses

There is something about the brisk cool air that makes me want to grab a warm and toasty drink.  That also means I might as well have a spectacular glass to pour that drink in.  The fall makes me harken back to the golden glasses of yesteryear such as the ones that James Bond or Cary Grant may have used. If you look you can still find some spectacular sets around.

Version 2

Version 2  Version 2

There are also some great new interpretations of this classic.  Check out some of the glamorous glasses below.




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This set also includes a matching decanter.


For a more whimsical glass, consider these…


Perhaps my favorite.







3 comments on “Top Finds: Golden Glasses

  1. Neda

    I love the last gold ribbon glass! I need to update our drinking glasses. I just have odds and ends, and some beer glasses. Not great for entertaining. Any recommendations?

  2. Shiva

    The Mikasa Cheers Set of 4 Gold Double Old Fashioned Glasses are a nice choice. They are reasonably priced and come in 4 different designs so that your guests won’t confuse their glasses. I also like the Waterford® Mixology Mad Men Edition Holloway Double Old Fashioned Glasses but the price tag is much steeper. Of course, it goes without saying, the Anna Torfs are my favorite.

  3. Theo

    I love this post, keep it up.