How to make Spiderweb Iced Cupcakes

Iced cupcakes are always a big hit.  If decorated they can become almost magical depending on your audience.  Follow the pictogram below to make your own spiderweb cupcakes.

First frost cupcake with desired background color.

Then pipe a contrasting color of icing on top.  I used the Wilton small round tip. This can be done freehand as illustrated below or cupcake can be placed on a Lazy Susan and rotated while the icing bag remains stationary.  As you can see below, the spiral does not need to be perfect.  In fact, the slight irregularity adds to the charm and spookiness.


Then starting from the center of the cupcake, take a toothpick and drag it to the edge of the cupcake.  Repeat this procedure about 6 times spaced roughly equally apart.

IMG_6837                  IMG_6838


Version 2                  Version 2

Version 2Once the spiderweb is complete, you can top with a spider ring if desired. For a simple attractive arrangement, you can reverse the background and web colors and alternate on a serving platter.



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  1. Josette

    I always wondered how these were made!