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Making the Most of Limited Dorm Room Storage

So I thought moving into the dorm room was going to be a breeze. We had been given the layout of the room and furniture for the typical room. The assigned room was in a dorm we had seen before. There were no surprises, right? Wrong! The typical room...


What to Pack for your College Dorm Room Bed

What to pack is aways tricky, even more so when you are moving and trying to simulate a ‘home away from home’. As we recently moved our eldest to boarding school, I am going to share with you some things you might helpful and we were either glad we...


Birthday Treat Bar

As the children get older, it becomes harder to find fun party activities. Fun treats seem to fit the bill no matter what the age. We recently decided to make a make-it-yourself treat bar inspired by a trip to Dylan’s Candy Bar in New York. They featured chocolate covered, candy...


Groovy Cake

It is always nice to have a birthday cake that is a hit with teens. This year we had a groovy cake. Follow the pictogram to make your own. Decorate as desired. Cut. As you can imagine, I was barely able to get a picture before it was devoured....


Superfood Salad

A while back I embarked on the task of getting the girls to enjoy nutritious foods in the hopes that as they grew older, they would not have to ‘relearn’ their eating choices. We started with spinach salads to which I added apple slices, pomegranates, or grapefruits wedges to...


Quito, Ecuador Day 1

I have been wanting to visit the Galapagos as long as I can remember.  It is a toss up what has drawn me there more, the pristine beauty, the wildlife, or the history. It has taken several tries to get this trip arranged as Ecuador has strict limit on...


Spring Fashion

This time of year it’s alway hard to figure out what to wear. We want to wear fun spring clothing, but sometimes the weather is still quite chilly intermittently. Layering is definitely the answer. I love the look above from Michael Kors, especially the pants. It was featured on...


Garden Room

Nature is always an inspiration.  Several years ago I designed a Fairy Garden Room for a seven year old. Inspired by her love of the outdoors, we took a fallen tree branch from her yard and suspended it from the ceiling over a reading loveseat. I adorned it with...


Moroccan Inspired Evenings Outdoors

The allure of light glowing in the great outdoors is intoxicating.  I happened upon the vignette above while at a trade show. It brought back memories of overseas travels during the years and wonderful nights enjoying nature by candlelight. It made me wonder why we don’t enjoy more of...


Top Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

So Moms are always hard to shop for. I know my Mom says she never needs anything. I must be truthful and admit I am not much better. Usually if I find something I need, I will get it when I find it. Otherwise the things I want/ need...