Surprise Birthday Brunch

Every once in a while you get blown away. For my birthday we spent time at the lake with my family. While I was surfing, the girls giggled and laughed incessantly while they were commenting on my newly gained skills. They were videoing me.  I really wish that I...


Stocking the Dorm Room Pantry

As you can tell, I’ve recently ‘lost’ a child to the big bad world of growing up and have been trying to find reasonable ways to make her life away from home comfortable. Sharing our journey also gives me a way to connect with her while giving her some...


Stocking the Dorm Room Fridge

So often we send our children off to school, and secretly worry about the ‘Freshman 15’.  That is that by eating cafeteria food at school, our children will invariably gain 15 lbs their freshman year. Our orientation visit put that fear to rest. My husband, who for better or for...

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Making the Most of Limited Dorm Room Storage

So I thought moving into the dorm room was going to be a breeze. We had been given the layout of the room and furniture for the typical room. The assigned room was in a dorm we had seen before. There were no surprises, right? Wrong! The typical room...


What to Pack for your College Dorm Room Bed

What to pack is aways tricky, even more so when you are moving and trying to simulate a ‘home away from home’. As we recently moved our eldest to boarding school, I am going to share with you some things you might helpful and we were either glad we...


Birthday Treat Bar

As the children get older, it becomes harder to find fun party activities. Fun treats seem to fit the bill no matter what the age. We recently decided to make a make-it-yourself treat bar inspired by a trip to Dylan’s Candy Bar in New York. They featured chocolate covered, candy...


Groovy Cake

It is always nice to have a birthday cake that is a hit with teens. This year we had a groovy cake. Follow the pictogram to make your own. Decorate as desired. Cut. As you can imagine, I was barely able to get a picture before it was devoured....


Superfood Salad

A while back I embarked on the task of getting the girls to enjoy nutritious foods in the hopes that as they grew older, they would not have to ‘relearn’ their eating choices. We started with spinach salads to which I added apple slices, pomegranates, or grapefruits wedges to...


Quito, Ecuador Day 1

I have been wanting to visit the Galapagos as long as I can remember.  It is a toss up what has drawn me there more, the pristine beauty, the wildlife, or the history. It has taken several tries to get this trip arranged as Ecuador has strict limit on...