Coffee Mugs

As you are getting ready to encounter the holiday blur, I mean enjoy the holiday festivities, you might enjoy some of these mugs.  They can help you keep the fuel levels up while accomplishing the last minute tasks on your list. As a bonus they might be a fun Christmas gift or stocking stuffer for the teacher, co-worker, friend or family member on your list. I suspect your barista at Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts wouldn’t mind being remembered during the holidays either. I know I was smiling as I read many of them. Keep them in mind as later on I have a great idea for what to do with all the pithy sayings around for the holidays on towels, napkins, shirts, and yes even mugs. If you want one for a gift or yourself there is an embedded link in each picture to make it convenient for you to click and get in time for the holidays!  Enjoy.

Pithy sayings…


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For the teacher…



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For the office…

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For when the sentiment needs to be crystal clear…

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For the techie in your life…

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The one below can also be quite practical. I saw that the self stirring one could be helpful for those with Parkinson’s.  As such it would also be great for people with tremors or even arthritis. You could use this on the commute to work and not have to worry about taking a spoon. This would be great for hot chocolate too.

Self stirring model…


Fun temperature sensitive mugs…


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Also in a travel mug…


So keep calm, fuel up, and carry on!





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  2. Milton

    Thanks for your marvelous post! I definitely enjoyed reading it. I might have to update my mug now. Have a nice weekend!